1980 Honda XL250S (second Military edition)

This is my second 1980 XL250S Enduro bike build (third XL250S) but this time I think I have it right. Check out all the pics in the gallery.


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1970's Sears & Roebuck WSS Mini Bike

I'm on a mini bike kick so I bought this worn 1970's mini bike that needed some love. It would take too long to list all the work that went in to this bike but now she's ready to hit the trails again!


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2015 Wally's Speed Shop - L'il Wild Weasel

This was an unusual build for me. I wanted a cool mini bike display for the shop so I decided to fabricate my own brand of mini bike and make it look like a new vintage ride. Check out the L'il Wild Weasel!


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2004 Harley Heritage Softail Classic

I bought this low mileage Harley in Rochester NY. Electronic fuel injection  with and a ton of chrome accessories. She runs great and looks even better.



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2002 Harley Road King Classic

This bike found her way to my garage and I didn't realize what I had found. The paint set is extremely rare. It's called deep purple scallop and I've only seen this two tone paint option on a Harley die cast model and in the 2003 Genuine Harley Davidson parts and accessories catalog (see below). She also has every chrome accessory on her that was available from the motorcycle company in 2002-2003. EFI and a Vance & Hines exhaust system finishes this beautiful bike off.



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1977 Yamaha XS400D Cafe racer

I bought this worn Yamaha 1977 XS400 street bike on the cheap. It didn't run but the previous owner assured me that he had it running about a year ago, that was good enough for me. It had almost all of the parts and a clean title, so I couldn't go wrong, I could just part her out if I couldn't get her to run. I gave her a good bath and worked on getting her to run. I cleaned the carburetor, points, changed the spark plugs, engine oil, and put some fresh gas in the tank. The fuse box was missing so I fashioned one out of an old box I had and with a little starting fluid I finally got her to run. I'm going for a bare bones cafe racer cycle. I found a set of used forks (the original set was bent) and a few other miscellaneous parts, I also made a few parts out of items I had laying around the shop. Metallic silver paint with vinyl graphics finished off this cafe racer.


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1992 Suzuki GSX600F Katana Sportbike

I bought this diamond in the rough late in the summer as a winter project. I dismantled the body work, cleaned all four carburetors, replaced the spark plugs and oil, painted a few panels, added the decals, and installed the replacement gauge cluster. I installed a new rear tire and she's ready to ride.



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2000 Honda VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre

Thanks to Marc in Cranesville PA. for this nice Honda 1100cc cruiser. She needed a new exhaust system but I found a nice replacement locally and bolted them on. Only 13K original miles, she's ready to roll.



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1978 Honda XL250S Off-Road Bike

I found this gem on good ol' Craigslist for $300. She was pretty beat up and had some major valve noise. "Just needs a little valve adjustment" the ad read. I ended up replacing the cam chain, adjusted the valves, painted the entire bike, replaced the tires, handlebars, speedometer (with home-made bracket), chain/sprockets, rear brake shoes (and cable), fork boots, seat cover, choke cable, choke bracket, engine kill switch, and a home-made muffler (with heat shield). Runs great and rips up the lawn perfectly!



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1982 Honda CB450SC Nighthawk Rebuild

This bike was involved in a front end collision, then it was sitting next to a house that burned down to the ground. Most people would just scrap a damaged and partially melted bike but not me. If it has a clean title and I can find a parts bike, it's coming back to life because that my friend is a challenge I just can't pass up! I used a 1979 Honda CX500 donor bike I bought for $50. and started the reconstruction. I ended up spending over one hundred hours to complete this rebuild (and a fistful of cash) but she turned out great. Runs strong and looks even better.


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1978 Yamaha XS650 Chopper

I bought this 1978 XS650 to build a chopper. These bikes are pretty cool because you can build a nice eye-catching bar hopper without investing a lot of dough.

I stripped her down to the frame and cut the rear section off. I welded on a TC Bros hardtail and transformed this basic street bike into a custom made chopper. Check out the photo gallery (below).

Thanks to TC Bros. Choppers and Gordon Scott Engineering for the help.


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1970's Vintage Mini Bike Restoration

I realize this isn't a custom motorcycle but back in 1974, I cruised around the fields near my house on a mini bike (similar to this one) all summer long.

My very first motorcycle was a mini bike and if it wasn't for the $80. Mom and Dad shelled out for it, I might not be the cycle-nut I am today.

To celebrate my 35 years of riding, I bought this old beat up mini bike and restored it to (almost) new condition.


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1973 Triumph Tiger

This Triumph TR7 Tiger was previously restored when I found her. I polished her up, cleaned the carburetor, spark plugs, points, added some fresh fuel, and she fired right up.

This was the first year the Tiger was available with the 750cc engine, five speed gearbox, and front disc brake. Besides the head (and one less carburetor), she's the same bike as the '73 Bonneville I sold a few years ago (see below). Click on the Cycle World Magazine thumbnail below to view the actual 1973 Triumph Tiger Advertisement.


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1992 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail FLSTC

Here's the latest Harley, a 1992 Heritage Softail. 1340cc evolution engine with only 10,000 original miles. She's pretty much stock with a few chrome accessories. New Goodyear whitewalls, and a change of fluids sealed the deal from American Harley Davidson in North Tonawanda, NY. She had a dent on the right fuel tank that I had repaired and repainted. She runs great and looks pretty slick. Updated May 2011 with Turquoise and Cream painted tank and fenders.


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1980 Honda XL250S "Survival Bike"

This old girl started off as an Enduro (or dual sport) motorcycle. After 28 years of neglect I scooped her up on the cheap. My wife took one look at her in the back of my truck and called her "a piece of junk". I didn't see her that way. I rebuilt the carburetor, made a new exhaust system, stripped all the worn wiring and wired in an aftermarket headlight and taillight, fashioned a new bracket for the used speedometer, added two new knobby tires, and painted camouflage on the fenders, side covers and gas tank. This bike is now one bad-ass thumper off road beast! Never judge a book by it's cover or a bike when she's been down and out!


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2002 Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100C2

This mint condition cruiser featured a 1099cc liquid-cooled 45-degree V-twin motor with only 5600 original miles, leather saddlebags, passenger backrest, windshield, and a Cobra light bar with headlight visors. The previous owner cut the baffles out of the exhaust but no matter what you do to make her sound like a Harley, it wont work. These bikes use a dual crank pin set up so she runs smooth without all the vibration that a single crank pin (like Harley) uses. I replaced the mufflers with a new (used) set. Hey, she's not a Harley so why try to make her in to one?


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2000 Harley Davidson FLHRCI Road King Classic

This touring bike featured a TC88 fuel injected motor. The previous owner bolted on a set of 16" Ape Hanger bars. They looked too drastic and just weren't comfy for me so besides lowering the bike 1", I swapped the handlebars out with a set of 13" Apes and ran the wires internally for a clean look. Other features on this bike included an air horn, drag pipes, and various chrome accessories. This bike originally came with leather bags but someone replaced them with these fiberglass ones. Marty in Cleveland Ohio is the proud new owner.



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1968 Triumph Bonneville Chopper

I bought a 1968 uncut Bonneville frame with a bolt-on hard tail. It came with the fuel tank, rear wheel, and a bunch of other goodies. I installed a Honda front fork with a hydraulic brake and fabricated a kick stand, seat bracket, fender struts, battery box, oil tank, speedo bracket, old school remote oil filter set up, and custom mirrors.  The frame received black powder coating and the fenders and tank were painted and polished in metallic silver. 

Unfortunately, I needed the cash so I sold this project before it was completed. Here are some pics of the unfinished bike.



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Click Here, Triumph Bobber photo Gallery!

1991 Harley FXR Superglide

This Harley started off bone stock. I wanted reliability with a custom look. She features custom made handlebars, shifter linkage, and a ghost flame paint job. Ross Racing pistons, Andrews cam, and a Custom Cycle Engineering wide glide kit finished her off. This bike  only has 16,000 miles.


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1973 Triumph Bonneville

Here’s the 1973 Triumph T140V Bonneville. I replaced the master cylinder and rear tire. The bike had some electrical issues that I worked out along with some oil leaks. The exhaust tappet guide block was leaking so that received a new o-ring along with new top end gaskets. She starts on one kick, doesn't leak oil, and runs great.


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Click Here, 73 Triumph photo Gallery!

1978 Triumph Bonneville

I hated to sell this one but I needed the cash. She was a sweet ride once she was put back to her original condition.


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1975 Honda CB360 off road project bike

This Honda looks great here but when I found her she had been stripped down and laying on her side outside. A little parts scrounging and some creative fabricating, I transformed her into an off road beast.


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1993 Kawasaki KX125 Dirt Bike

This bike was pretty beat when I bought it and the clutch was totally spent. I rebuilt the clutch, stripped the black spray paint and decals off, replaced the broken handlebar levers, front and rear fenders, rear tire, rear brake reservoir, rear brake pads, and the drive sprocket. 



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1972 Yamaha CT2 Enduro

Every once in a while I'm in the right place at the right time. I found this diamond in the rough through a co-worker and picked her up cheap. She needed a bunch of  mechanical work and some TLC but now is a great bike to ride the trails with. A custom camouflage paint job was applied to give it this off road look.


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1980 Yamaha SR250 Exciter

Another beat up old girl that needed some serious work. Once I was done with her she was like new again.


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