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Wally's 1930 Ford Model A Tudor


Well, Mrs. Wally has taken a liking to the 1956 Chevy so I decided I needed my own cruiser for myself. I found this eighty six year old beauty in Syracuse NY. She's not going to snap my head back on take offs but with her sturdy forty horsepower four cylinder we'll cruise in style!

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Wally's 1956 Chevrolet 210 Delray Club Coupe


Finally! I own a Tri-Five Chevy and it is a beauty!! She's sportin' India Ivory and Matador Red factory paint, and ivory and black interior. She has a sbc 350 with a matching TH350 transmission. The suspension has been lowered and a set of Riddle wheels finishes off her strut.

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Wally's 1967 Chevelle Street Rod


Wally's newest addition! This 1967 Classic Chevelle started life as a simple Malibu but she's been turned into an official street rod. Custom built small block 350 Chevy engine with a bunch of performance parts. Four wheel disc brakes, nine inch Ford rear end and she's tubbed. Look for her in the summer of 2016



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Wally's 1931 Ford Coupe "Chick"

Here's one that I purchased fully restored. She's a real beauty and she's all ready to cruise down to my local cruise night.



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Wally's 1951 Ford F1 - "Ol' Red"

I found this 1951 Ford F1 in my local craigslist and I thought she had potential. The previous owner did a pretty good job on the body work but someone jammed an old Ford 390 big block into her engine compartment which needed to be downsized to fit some upgrades. We decided to strip it down and start all over. Five months worth of work and thousands of dollars worth of parts later she's all done and ready for the Spring. Check out all the work that went into making this nice truck into a pretty cool street rod.


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Wally's 1929 Ford Model A - "Pearl"


I've always been fascinated by the ingenuity and simplicity of Ford's Model A. They produced nearly 5 million of these beautiful cars from 1928-1931 and this 1929 Tudor model is a diamond in the (sort of) rough. I'm leaning towards just enjoying the original patina, dents and dings since it took eighty five years to get it this way but we'll see in time.


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Wally's '51 Ford "Lucille" was sold


Gone but not forgotten... Lucille was a great project and we turned a lot of heads with her but all good things must come to an end. On to the next project!


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Wally's Jeep Project

I couldn't pass up a deal on a wrecked 1993 Jeep Wrangler so I bought it and rebuilt it. Click on the picture below to see the whole process.



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Wally's 1988 Corvette Convertible

This car was one of my many mid-life crisis vehicles. What red-blooded American man can go through life and never own a Corvette? Beats me, so this is the one that I chose. She's out of my system now and someone else's ride but for that one summer she was all mine.



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Wally's 1980 Mercedes Benz

I've watched all the LA Law episodes back in the 1980's and those Mercedes 450SL roadsters that they all cruised around in looked really cool. I bought this little gem from a wholesaler I know who picked it up from Florida for another dude who changed his mind. I drove her for a few summer's and sold her to a friend.


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Wally's AMF Fire Chief Pedal Car


It seems that the need for speed starts off at a young age for most of us car and motorcycle nuts. The very first set of wheels under my rear end were attached to an old pedal car. I practically wore that little car out with my little legs back in the mid sixties. Well those good old days inspired me to restore an old worn out pedal car. AMF pumped out a ton of these little cars from 1968 until 1980 so finding one to refurbish wasn't hard to do. Twenty bucks later I was on my way home with my latest project.


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