ECO Tireflator Air Meter- Model 97

I really regretted selling my first restored ECO air meter last summer so I decided to buy another and restore it even better than the first one. I found this one on eBay and the seller's description read that it "Just needs a little bright work and powder coat", well he failed to mention that it was a five star hotel for a few million mice. This unit had so much mouse house crap stuffed in every corner of the inside not to mention it smelled like a urine filled diaper. After I dismantled it I cleaned all the parts one by one. The sheet metal took some major sandblasting to get all the mouse work removed but once it was cleaned up, primed and painted it looked great. I replaced the diaphragm, the strainer gasket, and wired in a lamp socket with an LED bulb. All the hardware was either cleaned or replaced and the glass, bezel frame, hose hook, hose, air chuck, and top and bottom scuff plates were replaced with brand new ones. It works and looks great and I don't plan on selling this one anytime soon!




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