AMF Fire Chief Pedal Car Restoration

This pedal car was built in the early 1970's and it had been rode hard and put away wet. It caught my eye in a local craigslist ad and I thought I could give it new life if I could buy it cheap enough. I stuck to my twenty dollar limit and brought it home. I stripped it down and found that it was actually a yellow "Pacer" model under all the sprayed on red somebody applied years ago. I didn't like any of the aftermarket pacer graphics available and recreating them was too much bother so I opted to transform it into the fire chief model instead. All the parts were sandblasted down to the bare metal and then hand sanded. I painted the undercarriage parts black, then hand painted the wheels adding a thin red accent stripe to add a little extra to the black and white wheels. The body was sprayed red using epoxy enamel paint so it will hold up for another forty plus years. I replaced the rusty old hardware with all new nuts and bolts, applied the new fire chief vinyl graphics and with the new hubcaps, steering wheel, and bell installed, this pedal car was completely restored in less than one week.




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