1961 Tokheim Interceptor 452 Gas Pump




I bought this classic Gasoline Pump from my pal Tom (Future Antiques) in Niagara Falls, NY as a display unit that I'm planning on using for the entrance to the new shop. All the parts were there but she  needed some special attention. I ended up restoring her into a classic Texaco pump from the early 1960's. I stripped all of the non-essential internal components (so we could move her around without breaking our backs). Mother Nature and fifty two years did a number on the sheet metal, (especially the upper panels, they needed some serious rebuilding) so I had Mike at Lawson Iron Works perform his sheet metal magic on them and he did a great job bringing them back from their rusty death. Hector Lopez pulled off his usual great performance by painting the exterior panels with his special blend of acrylic enamel red paint. I found an old rotisserie motor that worked perfect as a motor to power the dials (see video below). The final step was installing the curved glass, finally done!


UPDATE: I sold this pump to a friend to display at his diner and he decided to sell it back to me. After a few years as a display I've purchased it back and she's in my shop again!



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